Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bulk Order - Brooch Double Love

Posted by Aja at 12:01 PM
Salam 1 Malaysia..

it's been 2 month right since my last update..
I've been busy these past 2 month..
so today, i want to show you the craft I've been working..

100 pcs Double Love Brooch.. (Before)

100 pcs Double Love Brooch.. (After)


it's take 1 month to complete this order..
kesemua brooch ni telah pun di pos kpd tuannya...
Time kasih kerana sudi order dgn sy...

Kpd sesiapa yg nk order secara sikit2 atau borong, 
boleh la emailkan ke sy utk mengetahui harga2 nya ye..

Sekian saje utk en3 kali ni..
Jumpe lg di en3 akn dtg...Tqvm..

Have a nice day..(^_^)v


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