Friday, March 26, 2010

Cute & Yummy Giveaway..

Posted by Aja at 6:12 PM
Kali ni sy join Cute & Yummy Giveaway..Ezyane buat giveaway ni sempena burfday dia xlme lg..Happy Burfday..Awl2 lg dh wish..hik3..Menarik hadiah2 nye..

Suke sangat ngn amigurumi ni..comel nye..hope dpt la..buku tu pon sy suke..semua la adiah ni sy suke..hik3..(^_^)..Kepada yg nk join kena buat :-

1- This giveaway ONLY for followers. (dah buat)
2- Spread the word on your sidebar and in a post. (dah buat)
3- Add CuteandYummy's link in your blog list. (dah buat)
4- Leave a message in my comment and pls also leave email address so I can find you. (dah buat jg)

disini k..(^_^)..Chaiyo Chaiyo..

1 comment:

  1. Hello!

    Thanks for joining my Fabulove Giveaway. I'm here to read your post. :)

    Good luck




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