Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tamu JajaKraf Giveaway

Posted by Aja at 10:57 AM
Kali ni K.jaja dri Jajakraf buat giveaway...Hadiah2 nye menarik perhatian sy pon nk join jg...mana tau nasib bertuah..hehe...


1) Purchase at least RM10 total (excluding postage) at this shop during the giveaway period.
2) Make an entry about this giveaway on your blog/facebook that link back to this blogshop (or else email to at least one of your friends and cc to me, if you don't own a blog/facebook).
3) Leave a comment at said that you have purchased and blogged/emailed about this giveaway (give the link of the entry).

3 Lucky Winner (randomly picked) akn mendapat hadiah bernilai rm150...Hadiah2 nye mcm dlm gmbr tu...

Giveaway ni bermula dri 28/6/2010 - 9/7/2010..

Visit kalo nk join ye...


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